Friday, March 23, 2012

Kindle Devices – Enjoy the Newest Technology

A guest post by Nir Zilberman

If you enjoy reading magazines and books, than this post is just for you. I would like to share with you here how having a new Kindle device can make your entire reading experience more enjoyable and a lot more convenient than you're used to today.

Learn about the 3 top Kindle devices, their features and benefits and decide which one suits you the most as I will introduce to you here the Kindle Touch, Kindle Fire and the Kindle 3G reader. So, let's understand how a Kindle reader or tablet can make our life easier.

Kindle 3G

This is the most popular device by Amazon to this day and with all its amazing features, we can understand why. The Kindle 3G is able to store up to 3,500 actual books and magazines so you won't have to carry a single book with you when you wish to read outdoors. Any book you have at home or see on the book shelves at the store can be stored in your new, small device. The reader comes with a battery that can work for a whole month without the need to charge it, it is equipped with a Wi-Fi and free 3G so that means you can even download more new books and magazines straight to it in only 60 seconds from anywhere in the world, you can read in bright sunlight as there is no glare effect at all and the best part – It is thin, small and very light as it weighs only 8.7 ounces and that is less than one paperback.

Kindle Touch

Right after the amazing and huge success of the Kindle 3G wireless reader, Amazon has decided to launch the Kindle Touch device which quickly became a best seller by itself. The Kindle Touch comes with a touch screen as opposed to the Kindle 3G that comes with a small keyboard, it can store up to 3,000 books and magazines, its battery can work for two whole months before you'll need to charge it again and with its Wi-Fi and free 3G you can download any book and magazine you wish no matter where you are in 60 seconds only. Thousands of books in one small device that weighs only 7.5 ounces, even less than the Kindle 3G reader!

Kindle Fire

The latest technology is stored in this amazing device and you can enjoy it now. The Kindle Fire is the newest tablet by Amazon and it gives Apple's iPad 2 a real fight because it has a lot of incredible features for half the price of the iPad 2 device. The Kindle Fire features a 7-inch screen that delivers 16 million colors to watch movies, read books and play games with amazing graphics. It has a very powerful processor, comes with a long lasting battery, you can read millions of books and magazines reach-in-color no matter where you are straight from the tablet, watch over 100,000 movies and TV Shows, play your favorite games as well as the newest games, listen to music In high quality and so much more.

These are the top Kindle devices today and with technology so advanced now, you don't need to look for a book store anymore, no need to wait for out-of-stock books, no need to carry books with you. Now, read any book you want just by downloading it to your new device from anywhere in the world in only one minute and simply make your reading experience so much more fun and convenient than ever before.

Have thousands of books and magazines with you at any given moment just by turning the Kindle on and if you decide the Kindle Fire is the one that suits you the most, you'll be able to enjoy books, movies, games, music and more no matter where you are and what time it is. Enjoy the newest technology and make your life easier and more fun.

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Shah Wharton said...

I should get commission of Kindle sales - I got my whole family into them - even those who only read on holiday (what a waste of the rest of the year?) I have the 3G model but really want to fire - hubs was going to get one for Christmas but as my Amazon account is UK, I'd need to buy it and register it in UK and they weren't available in UK. (Not sure if they are even still?)

Wouldn go anywhere without my Kindle now though. X