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Wild Justice – Guest Post by Rick Dearman

Wild Justice by Rick Dearman
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Blurb: “A gripping story of blood, revenge, love and fighting for what you believe is right even if it isn’t your fight…” The Civil War is over and the rebellion lost. Cheveyo the half-breed rebel is travelling to the frontier to start a new life with only two pure-bred horses and dreams of a ranch. But after happening on to the remains of a murdered family. He decides to give them the justice his family never got.

Using his skills and training to track down the killers and dispense justice he discovers these killers are just a few of the renegades working for the man they call Big Red. Crossing Red could cost him his life. It will take all of his skills to remain alive and a man of principle in the hellish frontier.
I was very excited when Erin asked me to do a guest post on her wonderful blog. I decided rather than an excerpt from the book I'd discuss why I love the main character; Cheveyo.

The reason I love Cheveyo is because he is a reformer. He's fought his entire life for his moral code. Cheveyo isn't superhuman, he bleeds, he gets tired, hungry and struggles with his emotions. But his moral indignation drives him to right wrongs.

Cheveyo had a horrible life. His parents were killed in a massacre, he was adopted by barbarian tribesmen. Trained to fight in personal combat circles he had tattoos inked painfully onto his face with primitive needles. Recruited into a rebellion against a dictatorial King and his evil brother, he spent a long time in a prison after the war.

He joined the rebellion because of the “rape squads” sent out by the king's brother. He endured years of hardship, battle and deprivation but still holds his head high because he did what he believe to be right.

In this first book of the Frontiersman series the reader meets Cheveyo while he is stalking men who have murdered a family of settlers. Dispensing justice for a family unknown to him is a burden he picks up gladly. Although his methods are brutal and violent by our standards Cheveyo has many admirable qualities. He loves his animals. Mer & Seus the horses, and old Croaker the army mule with only one ear. His compassion for the unknown victims of a band of renegades started him down a trail of pain, anguish, and violence. But this same path leads him to his true love, a woman who sparks strange new emotions in his young heart.

The appeal of a man with a strong moral compass and the willingness to fight for his beliefs strikes a cord deep within me. I think we can all identify with redemption, second chances, and creation of a better life for yourself. We all have regrets and sometimes we wish we could start over and create a new life.

Cheveyo champions the attributes of conviction, independence, self-reliance and action. In a brutal, violent land he continues to keep to his principles. Hopefully you'll be interested enough in my friend Cheveyo to discover more about him by reading Wild Justice.

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