Thursday, July 7, 2011

Please Welcome Elizabeth Kolodziej, Author of Werewolf Descent

Pagan Spirits: Ideally, who would you get to star in the film version of Werewolf Descent?

Elizabeth: Hmmm. The only character I am really certain about is Zou Tai, I would place Rain from Ninja Assasin to play him. He is so yummy. For Trent I was thinking of something like a young Collin Farell with a little more curl in the hair. As for Faith, I have absolutley no clue, probably a nobody.

PS: What was the first book you wrote? How did you get it published?

E: The first book I wrote was when I was fourteen but the never got published. The first book I got published was Vampyre Kisses. I went through Strategic to get it published, which means paying a fee. For Werewolf Descent I have decided to start my own publishing business and cut out the middleman.

PS: Who has been the biggest influence on your career?

E: My father. Without him I woudn’t have the business savy I do now. He was always so supportive and loved to hear about what new journies I was taking next. He always believed I would get this to take off, he is what pushes me every day to keep going.

PS: Do you read for pleasure? If so, what kind of books do you like to read? Favorite authors or series?

E: Of course! I think that goes hand in hand. I think it’s just more difficult to get the time to read when you’re a writer. I read fantasy and romance books mostly but a good mystery is always fun. I have many favs but my top four are Tamora Pierce, Kim Harrison, Christopher Moore, and Jeaniene Frost.

PS: Other than one you’ve written, what’s your favorite werewolf book? Favorite werewolf movie?

E: I actually haven’t read many books that have werewolves as the main characters except for Keri Author’s books. For my werewolf characters I did more research on them then reading fiction. Fav werewolf movie would have to be The Wolf Man! The original though!

PS: Do you generally prefer werewolves or vampires in fiction?

E: It depends on how each is created. I can be picky with werewolves and vampires. Hehe. But in a toss up it would most likely favor vampires.

PS: What has been the most significant book you've read in your life?

E: The Tortall Series by Tamora Pierce. Those books are what really got my mind thinking and fantasizing about other places and different characters. I blame her for making me the writer I am today. Haha.

PS: What project(s) are you currently working on?

E: Currently I am about to start writing Witch Devotions, the 3rd book in the Last Witch Series. Along with some shorts for some anthologies I hope to get into. Along with all this I am trying to get my publishing company up so I can start offering services to other indie authors.

PS: After writing, what’s your second-greatest passion?

E: I know this sounds odd but marketing and promoting are something I really love. I actually just got accepted to do my Graduate study in that field. It’s just fun for me.

PS: Do you have any other artistic abilities - painting, music, drawing, etc.?

E: Actually yes, I am not too bad as a painter, I took classes while in college and came out with some really neat stuff. I do like creating my own music on GarageBand. I even created the music for the Werewolf Descent Trailer. Drawing is ok as long as I have a teacher showing me how to do this and that. Over all I am just pretty creative, it’s the only side of my brain that works!

PS: Do you like chocolate? If so, dark or milk chocolate?

E: Now that you mentioned it I must have it! lol. And I prefer milk chocolate.

PS: Where can readers find you online (social networks, Goodreads, etc.)?

For Goodreads just search my book or name.
And if you need more than that well…I’m probably on it!

PS: I have to ask you this because you live in Wilmington - have you ever seen the Simpsons episode where the family goes to Delaware?

E: LOL! OMG I totally did! No one ever talks about DE, its like the forgotten state! But actually Restaurant Impossible was just at my office filming and they will be going to a restaurant in the area tomorrow. How awesome is that?


Elizabeth Kolodziej said...

Thank you so much for having me!!

Liz ^_^

Erin O'Riordan said...

Thanks so much for being here, Elizabeth. Good luck with your blog tour!

shah wharton said...

Oh great interview. I'll have to take a look at these books/Elizabeth. Many thanks as always for linking up at my blog hop - Shah X

Ann Rodela said...

Hello Erin. I saw your linky at the Blog Hop. I stopped by and enjoyed reading this author's interview. She composes her own music! That is fun. My favorite DAW is LMMS. Where can I see her book trailer? I was amazed to learn that Marketing/Promotion is her second greatest passion. As a newbie novelist this seems to underscore the need for marketing skills!
Do you recommend any websites for learning marketing?

Erin O'Riordan said...

Shah, it's always lovely to have you.

Ann, thanks for stopping by! You can see Elizabeth's book trailer at

If you're looking for book marketing tips, a great resource is The Book Marketing Expert Newsletter. You can sign up at

You're welcome to come back to Pagan Spirits as a guest blogger, too.

Ann Rodela said...

Thanks Erin for the links! I will check them out. Wow, thanks for guest blogger invite. :)