Monday, March 7, 2011

"Creativity and the Human Soul" by Gwen Fox - Guest Post

There are many reasons we as humans create…one of the first was to show direction for fellow followers. So, what is our reason to create today? Why is creativity so very important to our lives?

The one thing we have in common with everyone in the universe is creativity. It is in our DNA. Creativity is the thread that binds all of us fabulous is that !!! When we let our creative energy surge through our body without conscious thought we reach a place within us that is sacred.

As a professional artist and teacher I witness this struggle of “Am I creative?” every workshop. Students who have finally given themselves permission to delve into their desire to create also ask themselves “Will I embarrass myself?” Some enter the room with great trepidation, some are shy, quiet and then there are those who consider this a fun exciting experience. By the end of the workshop each student has found a friend within themselves…a friend they had all along but didn’t know existed.

Women are the worse in recognizing and giving into the need of examining their creativity. Why do women put aside this yearning? Perhaps it is because we are raised to be “giving." We are the caretakers and this takes precedence over our own desires.

I was raised on a farm in East Tennessee and my fabulous Mother wallpapered the hallway of the old farmhouse in plain wallpaper and gave me permission to draw to my hearts content. She repapered the hallway each week for many years. I grew up thinking all children were allowed to draw, color and create on the walls!

The big question is this: Why do we fight this need, this yearning…this essential component in our lives? Do we consider it frivolous? Are we told we need to be more serious?

There are many things I don’t know but I do know this:

When we forsake our life’s longing, perhaps our purpose in life, we deny our children the pleasure of witnessing our growth. Mothers who give themselves permission to honor their creativity then open the way for their children to pursue theirs. This is especially true for our daughters.

There is a quote I love that was written by a French essayist, ”With everyone born human, a poet--an artist--is born, who dies young and who is survived by an adult."

Our creative explorations feed our soul, enrich our lives and enhance those around us. Creativity is where your soul wants to sing…Come home to your heart and listen.

Gwen Fox is a professional artist and teacher. She has been referred to as “the bridge between art and spirituality”. Gwen has forged a new paradigm in the world of art as she helps her students tap into their inner strength and peel away limiting beliefs. Gwen can be reached by email - Her website is

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