Wednesday, March 2, 2011

"What You Should Know To Become A Writer" by Arthur Levine

These are some of the questions an individual should ask themselves when considering becoming a freelance writer:

1. Do I have the temperament to be on my own working on my own schedule?

2. Am I willing to devote the time and effort necessary to master my craft?

3. Do I have sufficient capital to cover myself during the initial period while I’m looking for writing assignments or the publication of my book?

4. Are my health insurance needs covered by insurance?

5. Can I learn what I have to about running a blog or Web site?

6. Do I have real talent and a voice that is distinctively my own?

7. How much competition will I face and how do I distinguish myself?

8. Can I find a niche market where I can prosper?

9. Will my family and friends be supportive of my new endeavor?

10. Do I have the will and faith in my own abilities to persevere?

If you can answer all these questions positively then you stand a good chance of being successful in your new career as long as you have talent, but be aware that there are risks involved and many people with good intentions do not succeed.

It’s a good idea to try to get independent opinions on you writing capabilities not just from friends, but also from independent sources such as agents, critics, beta reading groups and editors.

Often a new writer will discover that they have some talent, but not necessarily the knowledge to put their writing in the best light. This is where a good editor can make the difference between acceptance and rejection in the publishing world. They can show you what you are doing wrong and how to correct the problems.

Don’t let anyone keep you from pursuing your dreams, but be prepared to put out a real effort if you want to succeed. Your words may flow, but writing success doesn’t come easy.

To your success,
Arthur Levine
Author of the novel Johnny Oops

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