Monday, October 11, 2010

First there was Hunk du Jour. Now it's the ladies' turn!

Back in August I discovered Hunk du Jour, a yum-a-licious blog covered with photos of beautiful men. This morning I discovered its feminine equivalent, Dorothy Surrenders.

Dorothy Surrenders is a lesbian website posting hot photos of the girls whom girls love to ogle. Its author is Dorothy Snarker - ha! Its motto? "A Gay Gal's Guide to Pop Culture. Why Let the Boys Have All the Fun?"

Why indeed? Since I stumbled upon DS this morning, thought I'd share some of my favorite chicas (a sampling of my celeb girl crushes) from its virtual pages. Click to view the hotness!

Christina Ricci

Eva Mendes

Josephine Baker

Queen Latifah

Rihanna (btw, Snarker is so right on about the Eminem video)

Scarlett Johansson


Susan Sarandon

Uma Thurman

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