Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Stay Tuned for 'The Devil's Due' by L.D. Beyer

The Devil’s Due is a historic thriller set in Ireland in the early 1920s. Long story short, my grandfather served in the Irish Republican Army during the War for Independence. Family legend held that he was forced to flee Ireland below a false passport with a price on his head by both the British and the IRA. Like most legends, this one grew over time with each retelling, and with each beer my uncle drank! Reality, I suspect, may have been far less dramatic. However, real or not, it makes for one great story line!

It’s from this legend—and a couple of pints in a pub in Dublin—that The Devil’s Due comes to life.

Guilty of a crime he didn’t commit, Frank Kelleher flees through the streets of war-torn Ireland with the British and the Irish Republican Army both trying to put a bullet in his head. Branded a terrorist by the government and a traitor by his friends, he’s forced into hiding until he can figure out how to right the wrongs of his past.

The Devil’s Due will be released in June. Stay tuned…

Now for the really good news:

Because of your support, today my first book, In Sheep’s Clothing, reached # 1 on the best seller list for Amazon Kindle Assassination Thrillers and # 1 for Terrorism Thrillers!

To celebrate and to continue to drive momentum, I have decided to hold an Irish Sweepstakes and I'm offering the Kindle version of In Sheep’s Clothing for only 99 cents!

This special offer ends on Sunday, March 20th, so act fast.

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