Sunday, May 11, 2014

Christian Fiction: 'Marriage Takes Three' by G.E. Hamlin

Marriage Takes ThreeMarriage Takes Three by G.E. Hamlin

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a Christian romance novel, the story of an already-married couple struggling to make their marriage work. It's PG-rated and appropriate for all ages of romance novel readers, although the characters can probably be appreciated most by those who've already experienced marriage.

Darla and Randall are having all sorts of problems: he goes to church, she doesn't. Their son also refuses to church, and he and Randall get into arguments. Randall and Darla argue, mostly about all the time she spends with Jack, her ex-boyfriend who has since become an acclaimed country music singer. (I kinda pictured him looking like Keith Urban because he's blond.)

Lately the arguments between Darla and Randall have escalated to the point that they're contemplating time away from each other. They have to decide: try to make their marriage work or move on. If Darla decides to move on, it's possible she may try to rekindle her teenage romance with Jack. Clearly, Jack is still in love with her.

No spoilers, but because of the genre, you can assume the story will resolve in a way that's in accordance with a Christian worldview.

If I remember correctly, I pre-ordered this book on Amazon at the suggestion of the author. Ginny Hamlin contacted me either on Goodreads or on Facebook as part of a campaign to get some pre-orders in to show the publisher there was interest in her book. I purchased this book with my own funds and was not compensated for reviewing it.

I'm glad I read it. It's nice to read something that's a change of pace every now and then - it keeps the mind open to new ideas and styles of writing. This isn't my first Christian romance novel, or my first "sweet" romance, but I do think this is first work I've read from Hamlin.

I would read her again. Her biography in the back of the book says one of her influences is Nicholas Sparks. I think if you like Nicholas Sparks, you'll probably enjoy this book, too.

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