Saturday, April 26, 2014

Children's Book Review: I Am Otter

I Am OtterI Am Otter by Sam Garton
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I selected this from the Amazon Vine program solely for the purpose of reading it to my cousin's young son and daughter, but of course I had to read it for myself first. The cover is adorable. I couldn't resist.

I wasn't familiar with the blog (I Am Otter: The Unheard Ramblings of a Modern Day Domestic Otter), so this was my introduction to the work of London's Sam Garton. Judging by this book, Garton's work is charming, infused with a gentle sense of humor, and likely to appeal to a wide selection of picture book readers/listeners.

When I was a wee reader, we didn't have the Internet yet. Fortunately, Web access is not required for this book to be enjoyed. I, for one, am glad Otter made the leap from the Internet to the printed page. I strongly suspect this won't be the last paper-and-ink adventure in which this sweet aquatic member of the weasel family will star.

In this slim but colorful picture book, Otter and her stuffed animal friend Teddy decide to open their own business while Otter Keeper is at work. It's a winning idea: toast restaurant. Who doesn't love a good toast? Of course, if things don't quite go Otter's way, she has other four-legged friends (stuffed with cotton though they may be) to blame.

Otter is not a stuffed animal. She is a real otter.

Don't worry, though. Otter Keeper - who bears a certain resemblance to Garton himself - appears to have endless patience for his mammalian companion's frisky antics.

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