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Best Free Writing Apps For Novelists

Writing a novel is always a daunting task, but today writers can take advantage of many free apps that can help make it a little more manageable. While an app cannot do the writing for you, it can help you come up with creative ideas for plots, create an outline, structure your story and more. Let's look at five of the best free apps for novelists.

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Dragon Dictation

Dragon Naturally Speaking is a well known program that allows the user to speak out loud and have the words transcribed on the page. Now there is a free app that lets you do the same thing. This is very efficient for people who find it easier to organize their thoughts speaking out loud. Dragon Dictation is a very convenient app to have on your phone or tablet, as you can use it whenever inspiration hits you. Most people can talk faster than they can type, so you will be able to retain more of your ideas. This app can be downloaded from iTunes.


A thesaurus has always been an essential writer's companion. This tool helps you avoid the problem of using the same words over and over again. With FreeSaurus you can have one at your disposal whenever you need it. This will help you find just the word you need for any occasion. FreeSaurus can help make your writing richer by giving you more word choices. This free app is available on iTunes.

Wiki Browser

Wikipedia is a great source of information for writers, as it allows you to do fast research on almost any topic. Wiki Browser is a convenient app that lets you browse Wikipedia. It even lets you do this in multiple languages. This is ideal for novelists who need to do research, whether it's on history, science, geography or anything else. This is a free Android app that all writers can make use of.

A Novel Idea

This app is very useful for organizing your plot, scenes, characters and locations. You can simply fill in the ideas as you get inspiration. This app helps you clarify all of the elements of your novel. You can synch this app with Dropbox if you use that platform to store documents. A Novel Idea is a free app available on iTunes.


The Scibd app gives you instant access to a vast library of articles, short stories, excerpts, study guides and more. Although the basic app is free, you can subscribe to the full version and have access to an even greater amount of material, including many full length books. Scribd is a free Android app that can be very helpful for writers seeking research material or inspiration.

As a writer, you should take advantage of every resource at your disposal. The above are some of the apps that can make your job as a novelist a little easier. Apps that you can use on your smart phone or tablet allow you to do research, jot down ideas and organize your novel wherever you happen to be.

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