Saturday, March 9, 2013

While I wait on the new J.R. Ward, sexy vampire fan art

March is an exciting month for many reasons this year. Not only do we have the first day of spring to look forward to, but also St. Patrick's Day, then Passover, then Easter. Also, this March, we can look forward to a brand-new J.R. Ward novel, Lover At Last. March 27th is the anticipated release date.

(I rarely buy a brand-new hardcover - this series originally went straight to paperback - so I'll be waiting for my chance to read the library's copy.)

In anticipation, I recently (last Saturday, in one 6-hour spree) reread my favorite book in the series, Lover Awakened, which is the third book.

I eagerly await the love story of Qhuinn and Blaylock, but Zsadist and Bella will always be my favorite pairing. I just recently pinned some Zsadist and Bella fan art on Pinterest.

Ugh, this book was so much better than I even remembered it. I'd forgotten how he was wearing her diamond necklace while she was kidnapped. I also forgot it was the one with the tragic loss of Wellesandra (so sad!) - and the set-up of the Butch/Marissa romance. (Marissa's another one of my favorite female vampires. And I always thought Butch was hot, even though from the first book Ward keeps telling us that he's more rugged than handsome.)

He tries so hard to scare her away, but she's so hard and fast in love with him that she just won't give up. Paranormal elements aside, it's such a classic romance novel formula, and it completely pulls me in every time.

There's even a baby at the end. Little Nalla - she's so cute and tiny at the end of Lover Awakened. But you just know as soon as she's old enough to hold weapons she's going to get trained as a warrior. In about 12 years, Nalla's basically going to be Hit Girl.

If you haven't started this series yet, I highly recommend starting from the first book, Dark Lover. But be warned - it's terribly addictive.

I can't seem to get into the Fallen Angels series, though. I started Covet ages ago and never seem to have any interest in finishing it.

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