Wednesday, March 20, 2013

OHP! First-Day-of-Spring Lightheartedness

Happy first day of spring! (Happy first day of autumn if you are in the Southern Hemisphere!) The vernal equinox makes me happy I love the word "equinox" itself - from the Latin for "equal night," meaning equal hours of daylight and night. That's very word-nerd of anyway, let's have some light-hearted, humorous, amusing pins.

No cat is ever too big to get in the box.

Looks like Harry Potter has finally mastered Transfigurations.

This looks like a joke, but it's a real thing: Marvel Comics and Hyperion are planning a line of "chick lit" novels about female Marvel character. First up, She-Hulk and Rogue. I haven't read a comic book since high school, but I'm actually super-excited that the writer of The She-Hulk Diaries is Marta Acosta, because I adore her Casa Dracula series.

Okay, how cute is this little girl in her Wonder Woman outfit?

This is much funnier than it should be.

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