Thursday, November 1, 2012

Winners of the Coffin Hop 2012

Happy November! I hope you had a happy Halloween/Samhain (happy new year, my witches!). Hopefully, you took some time to hop around and enjoy this year's horrortastic Coffin Hop.

I'd like to thank for hosting me and all the other horror/speculative fiction authors who took part.

As chosen by, the five winners of my Coffin Hop giveaway - e-book copies of The Spell You Cast by Rushmore Judd and Erin O'Riordan - are as follows:
  1. Gina
  2. Jolie
  3. wwe
  4. Liese
  5. Paul
Congratulations! I'll e-mail you all with your e-book, and I look forward to your reviews.

I wish I could've spent more time hopping around, seeing what the others were up to, but I had taken off to L.A. and didn't get much Internet time over the past five days. I'll probably write more about my California experience later.

And now this.

1. If you could punch ANY celebrity in the face, who would it be and why?

Chris Brown - the why should be obvious. It would have to be a guy - we women ought to stick together.

2. If you could go streaking anywhere and get away with it, where would you do it?

Key West. It's warm there, and I don't think the locals would mind.

3. What's more important in a relationship: common values or commonalities (like tastes in music, interests, etc.)?

Common values are more important - you don't want to spend all your time arguing about the latest Supreme Court decision. You should have some commonalities, though, or you'll spend all your time arguing about what to get from Netflix.

4. Would you rather be insane in a functional society, or one of the people running a dysfunctional society?

Insanity does not sound like very much fun to me. I'd rather be partially responsible for a dysfunctional society - maybe I could steer it back toward some semblance of sanity.

5. What's your favorite type of pickle?

I like those dill spears that come on the side of hamburgers and other sandwiches. When I was a kid, I loved sweet pickles, but I've completely lost my taste for them. I can't stand them anymore.


Wendy said...

Key West... Good answer. And, you're right, us women need to stick together! :)

Nikkiana said...

I agree with Chris Brown. That guy needs a knuckle sandwich.

Erin O'Riordan said...

Does he ever! Not that I'm a violent person.

Anonymous said...

Chris Brown needs his ass kicked.

And dill pickles are the SHIT!