Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Weekly Dish With Bella & Nat: Fall Staple ~ Bootsession

As Bella and Natalie's theme today is "Fall Staples," I take this as permission to indulge my favorite fall obsession: the boot. 

Getting them in all three colors is mandatory.

Is anything cooler than a pair of steampunk boots?

I honestly don't get the whole Hunter boot/rubber boot phenomenon, but I'm a sucker for the tortoiseshell pattern.

Tights are another great thing about fall.

And hoodies.

Everybody loves a good hoodie.


Anonymous said...

I love hoodies! I have like 20 of them! No lie! LOL

Thanks for linking up doll!!

Leah said...

those boots! those tights! omg LOVE!

kailyn marie said...

boots and hoodies are my fave too! OMG that kitty is so cute! lol

Katrin said...

I love the Batman tights and the kitty in the hoodie! :)