Sunday, August 19, 2012

SOC Sunday: For in Dreams, We Enter a World That is Entirely Our Own

Yesterday I spent five or six hours playing with my brother's kids, my eight- and six-year-old nieces Eira and Lydia. Consequently, I just woke up from a dream in which Eira drew a picture of me. I thought she made the nose look a little funny, so I took a crayon and tried to make myself look a little more normal.

A nice, tame dream, featuring a person I actually know doing something that actually could happen. A little self-conscious, perhaps - but this is not a typical dream for me. I'm usually dreaming something like my  "Jesus fighting with Godzilla in downtown Tokyo" dream. It's usually bizarre, and often there's a famous person or two thrown in.

Is weird dreaming hereditary? My dad tells me about wacky dreams all the time. I'll meet him for Sunday breakfast in another hour, and I vividly remember a Sunday breakfast in July in which he entertained the family with his dream about going with his dad to some imaginary red light district of Green Bay, Wisconsin (where my grandparents lived for several years when I was a kid). Perhaps his most memorable dream-tale was the one in which Germans were forcing him to build a bridge made of Lego blocks over the river. (I say "the" river because my parents and I live on the same river that goes through their city and mine.)

Sometimes my dreams inspire a short story or a scene in one of my books - see, for example, Crazy Dream Inspiration.

This is what that other O'Riordan gal thinks about dreams.


Sharon Martin said...

Dreams are strange aren't they. Im currently reading The Return to the Dessert about a spirit guide and had such a vivid dream a couple of days ago, such a big message. Coincidence or not? Not sure xx Thanks for popping over to our weekly book blog hop this week xx

From Tracie said...

I wonder if strange dreaming might be hereditary. I have lucid dreams, and my husband has strange dreams similar to yours (famous people often show up in his dreams - and then he wakes me up in the middle of the night to tell me about them), and our daughter has some strange dreams, too. Interesting. I never thought about it from the hereditary aspect.

jana said...

I've never thought about it being hereditary... hmm. Now I'm curious. My dad and I share our empathic gifts and our "strange dreams" gifts... interesting.

Gina said...

Love "the red light district of Green Bay". Well, I now, too, wonder if vivid dreaming is hereditary. I think vivid dreaming has to do with imagination in general. Possibly it's creativity passed down or nurtured. I love dreaming...both day and night.

SouthMainMuse said...

I love the image of building the Lego bridge. How great is that? My son is a Lego fanatic and I believe he must dream of Legos.

all.things.fadra said...

OMG - I always have SUPER bizarre dreams and I always have. I'll ask my husband about his dreams and it will be something like he was watching TV in his dream. And mine is more along the lines of Jesus and Godzilla, although not exactly that ;)