Wednesday, September 7, 2011

WIP Wednesday - A Little Romantic Suspense, A Little Mystery...

K.S. Brooks: I'm K. S. Brooks: novelist, children's book author and photographer. My two latest books, the suspense/romance Night Undone, and the educational children's book Mr. Pish's Woodland Adventure, were just released in the beginning of August 2011. So right now, I'm working on those press campaigns.

My WIPS are Postcards from Mr. Pish Volume 2, and the sequel to Lust for Danger. That novel introduced my recurring paradoxical anti-terrorist agent - Special Agent Kathrin Night, who manages to cheat death to conquer a diabolical faction in the fast-paced action-adventure thriller. I’m looking forward to having drafts of both books complete by the end of this year, and hopefully published in 2012.

My website is

Stephen L. Brayton: Currently, I’m promoting the upcoming action mystery book entitled Beta. It’s about Mallory Petersen, a private investigator/martial artist, on the trail of a kidnapped eight-year-old girl. The book will be released October 1. I also have one previous book published, Night Shadows, available at Amazon,, and

I’m currently working on the sequel to both books, plus a new private investigator novel, tentatively titled New Year Gone. I write a weekly blog and a weekly book review blog.

Stephen L. Brayton

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