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When Sex Meets Evil - Guest Post by Jake Bannerman

Erin O'Riordan's Note: Jake is a 19+ author of extreme horror/erotica. I haven't read Jake's work yet, so when I was introduced to him through Shah Wharton, I was curious about what was meant by "horror/erotica." Was it sex-positive, I wondered, i.e. did it portray sex as the good, life-affirming thing that it can be? As an erotica writer, one of my goals with this blog is to keep you reading, but another goal is to subtract shame and negativity from the public discourse about sex. I asked Jake about whether this was one of his goals as well, and this is what he had to say:


My name is Jake Bannerman I am the author of The Family of Dog book series as well as The Pitchfork Diaries. I am very happy to be contributing this post for a number of reasons. Number one because I was invited - lol, that does not happen often - and to explain to you the reader how I go about the term "erotica" in my work.

The first time I heard the term erotica in association with my work is after I released ”The Scarecrow's Lament” which is a tale of a father who teaches his mentally handicapped daughter how to kill men and animals to build a sex partner so he could charge people to watch his daughter have sex with a “scarecrow” crafted out of pieces of dead bodies. Now I have to ask do you think for a second I had erotica in mind? Absolutely NOT!

I also heard the term mentioned to me after the release of my next story “To Walk the Path of Maggots” which entails a group of men who stream video of women ripping maggots off of themselves while they masturbate and charge people to watch this on the net. Once again EROTICA?!?!?!?!

Not in a million years did I ever consider that anyone would ever for a split second look at my writing as an aphrodisiac.

At this point you have either stopped reading and have formed a voodoo doll of me and are stabbing it with a fork OR out of morbid curiosity you are just waiting to see what I say next.
What is my writing and how is sex involved? Sex is ritual and Sex is power; it is the driving force between battles and a master force of deviance! What did Adam and Eve do when they found out they were no longer divine? They had SEX!!

Sex has driven mankind to atrocities unspoken and that is the focus in SOME of my writing the extreme measures we as creatures will let sex push us to. It is also and nobody can deny sex is a train wreck the carnal desire we have if you throw sex into a story it does not even matter if it is relevant it adds kick ! Though carnal, the majority of us still feel dirty and naughty after we read, see or hear sex--it flips an engine in all of us.

We want it because it is so good; even your worst sexual experience (think first time, lol) was pleasurable; if it was not we would die as a species. It feels good, it smells good, it tastes good.

Does that mean that I condone rape, torture, murder that include sexual themes? Not a chance!

Do I think that I am determined to point out the evils of mankind even if I get accused of being a supporter of the things I write about?, Yes! My writing is meant to take you further than our minds are supposed to go and the truly HORRIFFIC part is that nothing I have written or will ever write is nothing that has not been done before, and will be done again. That is why it is HORROR, and more importantly it is labeled FICTION, however, after you finish the last sentence and say "I bet that has probably happened or will happen."

I invite you to join in and experience when Sex and Evil meet. The darkness of humankind is a journey; we all starve for even if we do not want it. I write it, humankind supplies it.

Sex Satan Sacrifice,

Image attribution:
Scarecrow: J.C.H. (full name unknown), Harper's Weekly, 1872. Public domain in the U.S.
Adam and Eve by Hans Thoma, 1897, public domain worldwide
To the Accuser by William Blake, public domain worldwide

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shah wharton said...

Great to see JAke here - his writing is truly emotive and leave you thinking way after you put down the book.

Great post. Shah. X