Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Why Adults Read and Love Young Adult Fiction - Sierra Greenman guest post

Lately I’ve found myself caught up in young adult fiction. It’s easy to do with all of the attractive and unique covers and magical stories. I’m in my late twenties so I sort of can justify reading YA fiction because I’m still a young adult at heart. However, I’m also aware of women and perhaps even men who are in their 30s, 40s, and above who devour young adult fiction. My question is why? What makes young adult fiction so appealing that adult fiction may be frequently ignored to devour the latest Twilight or The Hunger Games novel?

I took some time out to think about this and came up with the following conclusions. Adults love young adult fiction because it’s relatable, usually full of fantasy, and it gives them a break from all of the “serious” adult novels that are available. It also gives them the opportunity to briefly escape from their own life. Granted, the print is also bigger and that makes the book much easier to read. They take less effort to read as well, but that doesn’t make them any less important or influential than adult fiction.

Admittedly, we all were teenagers once and we can all relate to growing up and going through the teenage angst that took place, and then finally finding a place in the world. Instead of being reminded of your current day to day adult life, why not pick up a young adult book that will take you to another time and space? The characters in young adult fiction are usually created with such an intensity of emotion, it is impossible to tear your eyes away from the pages. I’m guilty – I’ve recently become entangled with The Hunger Games trilogy, only to silently mourn my characters’ “endings,” simply because I could see the books going on forever without me ever growing tired of them. They are that enticing to read.

Most teen fiction also takes place in a fantasy dream land where princes exist or a strong willed woman or man dares to change her fate or question the rules. We can relate because we all have questioned the rules and perhaps our beliefs, only to come out a stronger and more independent adult later in life. Going through the transition is what we remember – it made us who we are today. Being reminded of that transition from girl to woman is sought after; it reminds us of our inner beauty and strength that again can be pulled again and again from a character in a book.

We all need to escape from our lives now and again. Young adult fiction does a perfect job at mirroring real life while still allowing us to get caught up in a fantasy element. After a day at work, a night with the kids, or talking about finances with the husband, you’ll most likely find a woman in her favorite space in the house, getting all caught up on her latest YA read.

Guest Blogger Bio: An ocean dreamer at heart and in real life, Sierra Greenman thrives on visiting and living near the beach and could never imagine herself anywhere else. She recently ventured out into the freelance world and now is a Freelance Writer and Social Media Specialist and absolutely loves it. Writing about fashion and style are one of her many passions. You can also find Sierra at her blog Ocean Dreams and follow her on Twitter @oceandreams4u. She also is a featured fashion blogger for and her e-mail is if you want to say hello!


Erin O'Riordan said...

Great post, Sierra. The next three books I'm reading/going to read for Amazon Vine are all YA. I'm reading 'The Abused Werewolf Rescue Group.' Next it will be 'Family' by Micol Ostow (a YA novel-in-verse based on the Manson family!), then Marlene Perez's next 'Dead Is' novel.

Ocean Dreams said...

Thanks so much Erin! I am going to have to go on my Goodreads and find all of these books to read! Glad I'm not the only one who loves YA fiction! Thanks for the opportunity to guest post! ;)

shah wharton said...

I enjoyed this post - I started reading YA fiction a few years ago - Vampire Diaries. I've read them all and love the characters. Then I looked a Twilight - read them all and loved them too! I am awaiting the kindle version of Hunger Games actually. Looks great too. Mostly I read adult fiction, but there is always room for YA should the inclination be stirred. ;D Shah. X