Monday, May 2, 2011

An Excerpt From 'Day of Revenge' by Deanna Proach

Emmanuel has known about Samuel’s intent to fight the revolutionaries for a number of months. But now, Samuel’s desire for revenge against the Robespierre government is more urgent than ever. That is why he sent for Emmanuel—so he can discuss his entire plot with him. As Emmanuel stands out of his seat, prepared to alert the servants and Madame La Font of Samuel’s absence, the familiar click of the entrance doors being opened rings throughout the large manor. Emmanuel stops.

His young, handsome face beams with a mixture of joy and relief. He lets out a huge sigh. He’s here. Nothing dreadful happened. Thank goodness.

“My God is it dark in here,” Samuel says upon entering the parlor.

“Emmanuel, are you here?”

“Yes, Samuel,” he says from out of the darkness.

A bewildered look appears on Samuel’s sun-kissed face. “If you were here the entire time, why in God’s name did you not light the candles in the wall sconces? You know perfectly well where I keep extra candles.”

“Samuel, I…”

“Never mind! I will have the servants come and light the room,” he says. “Have you eaten dinner?”

“No,” Emmanuel says. I would really like to know who Samuel was visiting. His curiosity gets the better of him.

“Samuel, I do not mean to interfere in your business, but what kind of errands would keep you away for more than two hours? Did you meet Monsieur La Metz?”

There is a long pause. A nagging pang of anxiety beats against Emmanuel’s chest. He rubs his sweaty palms over his legs. Oh no, I hope he doesn’t have terrible news.

About 'Day of Revenge':

"The French Revolution provides a vivid backdrop for Proach's passionate, fast-paced anti-"Vive le Republique!" historical romance debut. More than four years have passed since the 1789 Bastille riots, and the summer of 1793 finds a counter-revolutionary plot brewing against the bloodthirsty Citoyen Robespierre and his red caps. Young Lyon nobleman Emmanuel d' LeVasque and his family, along with other deposed aristocrats like Samuel La Font, fear Robespierre's next move after Jacobin Capt. Citoyen Henri Varennesh arrests their friend Pierre La Metz for possessing a counter-revolutionary letter. Varennes becomes disenchanted with Robespierre and eventually joins the counter-revolutionaries. After Metz is guillotined, a prison rescue of young Dauphin Louis is launched. Proach makes a valid point about Robespierre's fanaticism, and she also includes feverish romance: Emmanuel's brother Emil pursues a relationship with orphaned vineyard worker Elle, while Emmanuel is tempted by La Font's cousin Lisabetta. Featuring a well-developed cast of characters, this is a sympathetic portrait of imperiled French aristocracy." From Publishers Weekly.

About Deanna Proach:

Deanna Proach was born and raised on the southwest coast of British Columbia, Canada. She completed her Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in History at the University of Northern British Columbia in Prince George, BC. She currently resides in Sechelt where she is acting and writing her second novel, To be Maria. Feel free to visit her website at and her blog,


Sheila Deeth said...

Intriguing excerpt and certainly a fascinating time. Thanks for the introduction.

Aurora Stone said...

Ooh, interesting! Thank you for sharing this excerpt with us.