Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Pagan Spirits Gone Mild!

Is it just my imagination, or does my blog seem a little tame this month? First my guest blogger was Sandra Lopez, a young adult author. Her book, Beyond the Gardens, about a Latina college student, sounds like an amazing read. It's completely appropriate for young adult readers.

THEN it was National Day of Prayer, and I gave a shout-out to Mary Ford-Grabowsky, the queen of multicultural, woman-inclusive prayer books for all people of faith. It was a nice post. So nice, not even a nun could object.

THEN, in keeping with the prayer theme, I reviewed two mini-books from White Rose Publishing, a sweet purveyor of faith-based romance novels without any explicit sexual content.

Later this month, I'm going to host an actual children's author for the first time! Rene Colato Lainez will be here to promote his book about the Tooth Fairy. (We take our fairies very seriously here at Pagan Spirits.)

Sooooooooo......let's take a brief walk on the not-so-mild side of Pagan Spirits a moment and enjoy these photos of my #1 celebrity crush.

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