Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mini-Reviews of Short, Free EBooks

White Rose Publishing specializes in romance novels...not the smutty kind, but the sweet, clean kind. It's not my usual favorite genre to read, but who can resist the appeal of a free e-book? I can't. I'm a free e-book collector. If you are, too, go to and click on the "Free Reads" link. There are actually twelve of them to choose from (IF you choose to could get them all!).

I've read two, "Catching the Bouquet" and "An Uncommon Sparrow." Both are Rosettes, or single short stories. "Bouquet" is only 13 pages, and "Sparrow" only 11, including the cover and the title page.

"Catching the Bouquet" by Kara Lynn Russell is set at the wedding of Tony and Jasmine. Tony's younger sister Angel is in a serious relationship with Jeff, but lately Angel hasn't seemed like herself. She's beginning to wonder if her own wedding day will ever come. Does Jeff really love her, or is he already getting tired of her? Angel keeps getting mixed signals. Will Angel catch the bouquet and be the next to get married, or will she lose out to one of Jasmine's flirty cousins?

"An Uncommon Sparrow" by Janelle Ashley is set in the late 18th century, yet the story is timeless. "Bouquet" is romantic, contemporary, and straightforward, but "Sparrow" is a little more fun. Its heroine is 19-year-old Pricilla. Pricilla is always in the shadow of her gorgeous best friend Mercy. At the governor's ball, there seems to be one man who isn't enraptured by Mercy's charms: Luke Ainsworth, a war hero. Could he really be interested in Pricilla, the sparrow-like brunette?

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