Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sins of the Flesh

My guest blogger today is Caridad Pineiro. I asked Caridad to tell us a little bit about her new book, SINS OF THE FLESH, and this is what she said:

What would you do to save your life? Would you cut off an arm? Fight someone to the death?

Hopefully most of us have never faced that question unlike Caterina Shaw in SINS OF THE FLESH. When faced with the announcement that she has a brain tumor, Caterina faces that diagnosis with class and determination. It’s the way Cat is. She’s not about to let something like cancer dictate what she can and can’t do. Until the brain tumor robs Caterina of the one thing she cannot live without – her music.

Faced with losing the music that feeds her soul is what drives Caterina to try something radical – an experimental gene therapy. For Caterina the unproven treatment offers her the possibility of not only saving her life, but also restoring her sight and eliminating the pain that has kept her from playing the cello.

Unfortunately, the scientists developing the gene therapy decide to use Caterina for a guinea pig. In addition to injecting her with genes which do help to save her life and restore her sight, they also slip in a number of other genes to attempt to create special powers. The renegade scientists believe that if they can get the right combination of unique abilities, they will be able to create genetically modified humans they can sell to terrorists and criminals.

Luckily for Caterina, the scientists enlist the help of Mick Carrera to track her down when she manages to escape the lab. Unluckily for the scientists, Mick has scruples. When Mick encounters a woman who is nothing like he has been told he knows he must protect her until he finds out what is really going on.

In the fight that ensues to discover what is happening and to keep the genes from making Caterina less than human, Mick will be drawn to Caterina because of her incredible spirit and heart. Caterina will discover a man who is filled with honor and love despite the hard exterior he portrays to most of the world.

I loved combining all these different things – science, suspense and romance - to create a new kind of paranormal story. I hope you will enjoy this unique story as well as Caterina and Mick, two heroes of my heart.

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Caridad Pineiro said...

Thanks for having me here, Erin! If your fans have any questions about the book, I'd love to answer them. Be back later.

Glendaliz said...

Congrats to Caridad on SINS! How do you make your characters believable? Are they inspired by real people? Yourself? A mash-up of the two?

This blog is dedicated to said...

Hi! Great post to Pagan Spirits and Caridad!

susan said...

welcome Caridad, glad to drop in and sat hello. I want to thank you for replying to my email about book plates. I have to tell everyone here..Sins of the Flesh is outstanding and a must have book. I have mine and could not put it down .It took my attention right a ways and I was trapped in the pages. susan L.

Erin O'Riordan said...

Caridad, I'm wondering if you named your heroine after Catherine in Wuthering Heights.

Caridad Pineiro said...

Hi guys! Thanks so much for dropping by! The characters weren't inspired by real people, but I think that each writer puts a little bit of themselves in each character. In Caterina's case, it was the determination to get ahead. I learned determination from my mom who never let anything get in the way of doing what was right.

I love Wuthering Heights, but no, I didn't name the heroine after Catherine. I was looking for a name that could be kind of Spanish, but still easy to pronounce. Caterina seemed elegant and unique, like the character with that name.

Erin O'Riordan said...

Thank you very much for being our guest at Pagan Spirits, Caridad. Good luck with SINS OF THE FLESH!