Saturday, January 16, 2010

Keta's Review of Vamps: A Lesbian Anthology with Teeth

VAMPS, A Lesbian Anthology with Teeth
Torquere Press,
Edited by Lorna Hinson
ISBN: 978-1-60370-901-9, 1-60370-901-0

4.5 Stars, Reviewed by Keta Diablo, Erotic Romance Author

VAMPS, A Lesbian Anthology With Teeth is series of short stories that explores the lesbian side of vampires from historical to avant-garde. Stories from Las Vegas to ancient Rome enter into the mix, as do shorts from ménage to HEA and not-so-HEA.

I was pleasantly surprised by this anthology and must say; the writing shines. You’ll be engaged, entertained and invested in these stories; will feel as if you’re right there with these hotter than hot characters who deliver in spades. VAMPS is an eclectic mix of lesbian love that will have your heart racing while you squirm in the chair.

Well done, authors! And kudos to Lorna Hinson who edited this anthology released by Torquere Press.

Stories in VAMPS

Seven Come Eleven, J.T. Langdon, murder, mystery and mayhem in Vegas. Honors, J.T. Langdon.
Ways and Means, Kate Cotoner, escape to ancient Rome with demon hunter and her lover. High recommendations, Ms. Cotoner.
Vamp Girl, Penelope Friday, two misfits find temporary love and perhaps themselves. Well done, Ms. Friday!
Heatsong, Shanna Germain, lyrical prose explores primal need among the undead. Woot! Ms. Germain.
Neighbors, Elizabeth Black, look-alike roommates introduce neighbor to kinky ménage a trois. Applause for Ms. Black.
Wherein Elen Encounters The Ladies. Teresa Noelle Roberts, servant finds fulfillment with knowledgeable spinsters. High praise, Ms. Roberts.
Strange Relationship, Tracey Shellito, boss seeks employer’s credentials and gets glamoured instead. Accolades for Ms. Shellito.
Oakley Falls, Erin O’Riordan, pain of past relationships bring two opposites to terms and love. Spellbinding, Ms. O’Riordan.
The Power That Dreams Have, Mercy Loomis, dreams really do come true in Athens. Mesmerizing, Ms. Loomis.

Thank you, Keta, for your wonderful review! Find Vamps at Torquere Press

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