Saturday, February 28, 2015

Excerpt: 'Vanilla' by Megan Hart

My latest book from the Amazon Vine program is Vanilla by Megan Hart. I shall now quote a brief passage from an early chapter:

"We talked for a while about our favorite TV program. Alex had turned me on to a show about two monster-hunting brothers who drove around in a black Impala--sometimes in the office, we'd toss quotes from the show back and forth to each other, trying to stump the other. Because Alex was way more into the show and had been watching it for a lot longer, he was usually able to beat me at the game. Now, asking me which of the brothers I'd be if I could choose, he claimed he would always be Dean, the older brother, and I was stuck being the younger brother, Sam.

"'Except shorter,' he said.

"I made a face. 'And without a penis, don't forget that part. That's kind of important. Anyway, I'm totally Dean. Dean's way cooler.'

"'We can't both be Dean,' Alex pointed out.

"'You have Sam hair." I gestured at the raggedy mop of dark hair that spilled over his forehead.

"'But you're the smart one, and you do all the computer stuff,' Alex said. 'You have to be Sam.'

"We both laughed at that. He pushed the platter of spicy salmon toward me then took some for himself."

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