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Love 'n Lies by Aspen deLainey - Guest Post: Erotica: Even While I Blush!

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Guest Post

I wrote Love ‘n Lies as an urban fantasy. That’s how it started. I hadn’t planned on making it erotic. That just happened.

I’ll tell you a secret. I wrote those sexy scenes with my lips pursed and my eyes almost closed. Most of the time I felt my face heat up, so I know I blushed.

Me! A married woman. Who has had lots of sex – we practiced between children; you have to get it right, after all.

Having sex and writing about sex are different. Totally different! Unnerving too, I’ll admit it now.

That first steamy scene, the first time I wrote it, fell flat, in my estimation. So, I reread the Kama Sutra. I’d forgotten most of those positions. And I wrote the scene again.

Still not up to the level I wanted.

Let me tell you I went to some pretty out there sites. Researching. Let’s go with that. I found out things I would never have imagined on my own. Never!

I probably spent over a month just researching. I think my computer blushed right along with me at some of what I found.

Then I read erotica excerpts online. I even girded my loins and took books out from our library. Thank goodness it was winter and I had an excuse to keep my scarf around my face. Some of those librarians know me!

I hunted through the bookstore – not my regular one. There’s a whole section on love hints. A book on how to care and feed your man’s pickle, or something like that, caught my eye. Hubby darlin’ and I had many hours of laughter over that one.

Hey, as I remember it, sex is supposed to be fun.

Finally I wrote the scenes in a way I could live with. Nothing like some really good authors I’ve read. But readable and somewhat hot.

I finished the book and I believe I got better at writing those erotic scenes. Even though I still blushed while I wrote.

Now I had the fun part. You know writers have beta readers? Right? Well, my first beta reader is an old friend of mine. I mean I’ve known her since our daughters were under a year old – they are adults now. She’s borrowed lots of my books, lent hers to me. We’ve discussed books for years – what we like and don’t. I do not remember ever talking about reading erotica. Not once. I still don’t know if she’ll pick it up, on her own, to read.

I gave her my finished novel to read through, catch mistakes, and make sure it made sense. The regular stuff.

But I didn’t warn her about the book at all.

You know, she never said one word about it being erotica when she handed it back, pages marked with notes in her precise handwriting. She didn’t giggle or make any remarks about those parts of the story at all. Not even a squiggle under any passages.

“Not bad,” she told me. “Thanks for letting me read it.” And she left.

Several weeks later she phoned to ask, “Did you research those positions you wrote about?”

“Yeah, thoroughly,” I replied. “Wore hubby darlin’ out. He said he wants several years between these erotic books.”

Now she laughed. “I can imagine. Look, can you send me the scene...” and she explained the exact scene she wanted to try out.

“Let me know how it goes for you,” I replied.

I heard her strangled laughter as she hung up the phone.


Synopsis for Love ‘n Lies

Gaining weight is a human problem. At least that’s what Leticia always thought. But when this vivacious vampire wakes from her year-long slumber and discovers that her formerly svelte frame has retained a few extra pounds, it becomes apparent that something has gone amiss.

A girl just can't wander around the Calgary Stampede in clothes that don't fit! So she sets about the task of shopping and working out a low-cal diet of humans she can live on. When her friends notice how depressed she is, one of them suggests she adopt a tomcat named Justin to keep her company. Little does she know that she would fall madly in love with her new kitty. The moment she does, the spell cast over Justin is broken and he takes his true form – a long, tall, dark haired man with an insatiable sex drive. Letty is more tempted than she ever thought possible and can't keep her hands off him anymore than he can keep his off of her.

After taking him back to her childhood home, Evermore, to consult with the head wizard Silvius, she soon discovers the Warlock who cast the spell over Justin isn't letting him go so easily.

Throw in a nasty twin sister who'll do anything to get her hands on what Letty has, including Justin's more than hot body, and you end up with Love... 'n Lies!

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Author Bio:

Aspen lives in the Foothills of Alberta with her husband, two of her four children, a dog, a lovebird and a glaring of semi-feral cats. You will often find her watching the wildlife happily feasting in her vegetable garden in the early morning dawn. Being a lover of nature, and all things natural, she wouldn’t trade her country lifestyle for all the beans on the stalk.

A die-hard believer in fairy tales, Aspen hopes her fairy godmother is the Muse. Lending credence to this notion is one of Aspen’s earliest memories: writing a story for her little brother in crayon on a favored picture book and earning a spanking as her first critical review. Never deterred, Aspen continued to make up stories, and hone her craft, until finally letting a few escape her clutches in 2010.

Love ‘n Lies is Aspen’s first work in The Evermore Chronicles, the concept for which was developed while she was employed in the seniors’ medical field. Do paranormal beings suffer from medical problems also? What happens to aging Vampires, Wizards, Trolls and the like? The questions begged to be answered... And of course, their stories needed to be told.

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Aspen deLainey said...

Thank you so much for having me guest on your blog. Had a wonderful time.
Loved reading your blog. Tasty!
Aspen deLainey

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Thank you so much for being my guest!