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Excerpt: ESCAPE FROM OBSESSION by Dixie Lynn Dwyer ( #Menage #Erotica )

It's a hot summer, and it will be even hotter while you read Dixie Lynn Dwyer's erotic book, Escape from Obsession published by Siren Publishing, Inc., where she is a top-selling erotic romance author: Escape from Obsession reached #1 on the Siren Book Strand.

Dixie Lynn Dwyer has been writing erotica for many years. This is her 12th book and she just keeps writing. Her books sizzle; each one of them makes for great summer fun or a hot read to warm you up during those lonely and long winter months.

Gia Marie Giselli has heard very little about menage relationships. With her fear of men, and battle wounds from her past, she's nearly blindsided by three brothers, who want exactly that: a menage relationship with Gia.

Escaping from a bad relationship in NYC, she flees to Texas and meets up with the three brothers: Garrett, Wes, and Gunny McCallister. Three gorgeous hunks who are interested in getting to know her better. But her fear of men, and their capabilities, stands in the way of opening up her heart.

As they try to convince her that this relationship is serious, some jerk from work attempts to assault her, making all her fears of men resurface.

When they finally get through that incident, Gia's past reemerges. Can the McCallisters keep her safe and convince her that true love and compassion don't come in the form of fists, control, and fear?
Be careful when you touch the book, it may sizzle.

Excerpt: “I can show you some more pictures,” he whispered then took out a key and unlocked the door. They entered and he turned on the light. It was an office.
She looked around the room and could see the pictures.
“A commando, huh? That’s really dangerous right?” she asked, and her voice hitched in her throat as he wrapped his arms around her waist and held her gaze with a very serious one. He walked her backward as she held on to his forearms.
“Very dangerous. But I enjoyed it.”
Her back hit the wall and she knew he was going to kiss her. Surprisingly she wasn’t afraid but hungry. She wanted to taste his kiss and she got her wish as he moved one hand off her waist and above her shoulder to the wall behind her. He used his thumb to trace her lower lip.
“You’re special, Gia. I love being with you and talking to you. I’m not exactly a friendly person you know.”
“You? Not friendly? As I recall you were pretty friendly that night I first came into Casper’s. You didn’t even joke about my club soda drink.”
He smiled, those dimples peeked at her, and her heart soared.
He ran a finger along her cheek and pressed his body firmly against hers. She felt his hard muscles and his cock against her belly. Her pussy wept with need, suddenly feeling so swollen, and it was sensational.
“You broke my heart when you didn’t come back to visit.”
She took a deep breath and released it.
“I’m kind of quiet and like to keep to myself, too.”
“Not anymore,” he said then leaned forward and kissed her softly on the lips.
She relished in the moment of their first kiss. Smooth, deep, and sexy, he explored her mouth while his hands roamed her body.
She was hesitant to reciprocate as he deepened the kiss then turned her so that he was pressed against the wall. She wondered if he sensed her hesitation and was giving her the power to control how far this went, but then his arm wrapped around her waist tightly as he held her head, devouring her moans. She ran her hands up along his muscular arms then down to his trim waist. She felt his large hand slide across her ass then squeeze her cheek as he pulled her closer. Then she felt the second set of hands and she gasped.
“It’s me, Gia. Don’t be scared.” Wes massaged her shoulders as Garrett eased up his hold to allow Wes to explore her body, too. She felt the heat of Wes’s chest against her shoulder blades and his firm, hard thighs against her ass. He was tall. They both were. But when he moved the palm of his hand under her camisole and touched her skin, she pulled from Garrett’s mouth.
“Oh God, Wes, please, this is too much.”
Wes took her mouth with his and devoured her words. Being wedged between them like this was overwhelming and then came the flashbacks. Antonio and Valdere. Both men pressing against her, trying to remove her clothing.
She pulled from Wes’s lips and pressed her hands hard against Garrett. She managed to part from them and stepped back, nearly tripping as she covered her mouth.
“Gia, what’s wrong?” Garrett asked and it was Wes who pulled her into his arms. He held her and she tried to steady her breathing.
“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I totally panicked.”
“Why, baby? Did you think we would go too far or hurt you?” Wes asked.
She pulled back and tried to hide the fear and tears in her eyes, but by both men’s facial expressions, they could tell she was scared.
“I need to go. I told you that I needed things to go slow. It’s my fault. I thought I was ready.” She bolted for the door just as it opened. There stood Gunny. He was wearing his uniform and he looked concerned as he absorbed her expression then looked at his brothers.
“What’s wrong?” He stepped forward and closed the door. “What the hell happened? What did you two do?”
She placed her hand against Gunny’s chest.
“They didn’t do anything wrong. It’s just me. I thought I was okay. I just need to go. Bye,” she said then exited the room.
She said good-bye to Sammy and her friends and headed out. As the night air hit her skin, she felt how truly hot and turned-on she still was. She was enjoying their embrace, their kisses, and oh Lord, their touch. She wanted their hands everywhere, yet the flashback ruined it all. Fucking Antonio. Even now, he rules my world and maintains the power to control me and keep me from happiness.

* * * *

About the author: Dixie Lynn Dwyer grew up in the South -- New Orleans. She is one of six children born to Patrick and Lynn Dwyer. She is a combination of both Irish and a true Southern belle. With a name like Dixie Lynn Dwyer it's no wonder why people are curious about her name. Just as her parents had a love story of their own, she grew up intrigued by the lifestyles of others. Her imagination as well as her need to stray from the straight and narrow made her into the woman she is today. To see all of the other books written by the author, please visit Dixie Lynn Dwyer. The books are all just as red hot as this one. You won't be disappointed.

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