Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Sanction Chronicles - One Book: Three POV's

Okay so three POV's in a book is not that unusual, but what about those three POVs each being from different writers. Not only that, but all of the characters carry throughout 10 ebooks and 5 print books. Rotating characters and authors in a serial novel that releases monthly.

So adventures in writing ensue and in the end? Well it goes a little like this.

The Sanction Chronicles YA Series on Kickstarter

Welcome to Sanction

Year One: Volume I

Welcome to Sanction:

One of the three largest all paranormal communities in the USA. Home of the Wind Haven High School and Sanction New Hampshire.

September 1: The Hawthorne Academy of Witchcraft is burned to the ground leaving the teens from Sanction’s three biggest powers with only one place to go… Now if the Witches can avoid Non-Witches, the Werewolves don’t tear anyone apart, and the Vampires keep their mouths shut Wind Haven High School might survive. IF…

You can find out more at and the read on to meet the main characters.

The three stars of September?


Wow, he's hot.

Too hot.

Hope’s skin was uncomfortably warm, the heat getting worse every minute. She smelled smoke, or was that part of the dream? He’s smoking hot, that’s it. Hope settled back to admire his dark hair and bright eyes. At least I dreamed up someone worth looking at.

She sighed. Life in Sanction was good.

Not was, is—is good.

So what if awake she missed Dream Guy. Missing Dream Guy, a.k.a. DG, did not make the rest of her life lonely. She never got to see him for very long anyway. These dreams didn’t last. Now he was here, but for how long? She wanted to enjoy the time, but it was just so damn hot!

His voice broke into her thoughts. "Hope. Hope. You need to wake up."

Like hell I do. Just minutes after getting here he wants me to leave? No way. She was staying asleep and right here. He was free to do whatever he wanted.


Bored with watching another five fir trees go by, Jessie turned to study Marcus. He was six-one, blond, and an asshole with a wicked set of fangs. He flashed them with every word out of his mouth. "You have to think about what people will say. We aren't kids anymore. Everything we do reflects on the Vittori name."

Jessie took great joy from pointing out the obvious. "I am not a Vittori." She wasn't a vampire, born, or made. She was human.

After a pause he continued, "You live with the family."

"In the servant's quarters. I think everyone gets the picture."

"You and your mother are not servants."

"We are not part of the family either."



Nate closed the front door quietly. He glanced around for his father. So far no sign. Nate let out a breath and shrugged his backpack from his shoulder. He'd been walking on eggshells ever since he got back a few weeks ago. Eight years away wasn't enough to wipe the slate clean between them. Nate's jaw tightened.

Nobody gets a clean slate.

He’d made it to the stairs when the voice hit him from behind.

"What the hell are you doing home?"

Nate turned to face his father's frown as the older werewolf walked out of the kitchen.

"School's over," Nate mumbled, trying not to cringe.

"Don't be a smart ass," his father growled, moving closer step by step. "What about football practice?"

"Cancelled." Nate licked his lips. "It's the full moon."

- END -

So if you want to find out more - See the locations and materials available and get involved with The Sanction Chronicles.

Welcome To Sanction - The Sanction Chronicles - Year One Volume One

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shah wharton said...

Flippin heck - this seems confusing? But also intriguing? I love most thing paranormal and the POV sit sounds like I could learn something too. Interesting post, Erin. Hope you had a good week? Shah. X

Erin O'Riordan said...

I'm having a good week, Shah. I hope you've gotten over having the flu.