Thursday, August 26, 2010

Enchanting Tales From Two Different Parts of Europe

Ireland: Brendan Gerad O'Brien's short story collection Dreamin' Dreams is now available from SmashWords.

The official blurb: "Capture the mood of Ireland with a wonderful collection of short stories that take you from humour to romance, from sad to sinister, from downright scary to laughing out loud."

If you download a copy, I'm sure Brendan would say Go raibh maith agat.

Slovenia: Franci Rogac announces the publication, in English and Slovenian, of his illustrated fairy tale Bal the Firefly (Kresnicek Bal).

The official blurb: "Popular Slovenian Author Franci Rogac has released his latest fairytale book, Bal the Firefly (Kresnicek Bal) for the first time in English and Slovenian to the delight of his English fans everywhere. Bal the Firefly has a wonderful lesson for families about living within the boundary of nature. In the fairytale, Luke is fascinated with fireflies and wants to catch one to keep his room aglow, but Bal the firefly has a family too! What a wonderful approach to help children view nature from Bal's point of view."

According to the Euclid Observer, in Slovenia (that's directly east of Italy on the Adriatic Sea, for those of you who are geographically challenged) Mr. Rogac and his children's books are as popular as J. K. Rowling!

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