Monday, July 12, 2010

Sex, Light Beer, Alternative Rock and Hockey Hair in a '90s Catholic High School

Do you love the '90s? Remember where you were when Kurt Cobain died? Did you watch the OJ Bronco chase? If you can stand to relive 1993-94, check this out:

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Sex, light beer and hockey hair in a '90s Catholic school:

It's bad enough that high school junior Miller Markowitz is the only Jewish kid at a Catholic high school. Now she also has a new English teacher: her grandfather, World War II vet Steve Markowitz. Steve is there for Miller through her struggles with her insecurities and first love. As he fights his own private war with cancer, Steve teaches Miller about life and literature.

Bosnian classmate Miroslav Vankovic teaches her about compassion, and to her surprise, may turn out to be more than a friend. Now Miller's caught in a teenage love triangle. Does she want to be with Miroslav, who's kinda/sorta dating her friend Lauren? Or will she end up with her hockey-playing older brothers' teammate Nate, who's kinda beautiful and kinda stupid...and who just might tell the whole school about their hook-up at her brother's graduation party.

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