Friday, April 2, 2010

New Lower Price on 'Midsummer Night' Paperback

Have you wanted to buy yourself a paperback copy of my novel Midsummer Night, but been put off by the price at $17.99? I was, too. The first book in the series retails for $9.99, so it didn't seem right that the second book is so expensive. So...I wrote to the publisher, and she got Amazon to lower the price to $12.50. That's more like it!

You can find the paperback version at

For even more savings, buy the e-book version. You can find it for Kindle at Don't have a Kindle? No problem. Neither do I, so I downloaded Amazon's free Kindle for PC application. It took about 2 minutes, and now I can read all the e-books available for Kindle. Check them out; the prices are really reasonable. There are even FREE books available for Kindle!

Midsummer Night: Priestess-in-training and part-time witch Zen Van Zandt loves biology grad student Ramesh Sudhra. Only two things stand in the way of their happiness: his traditional Indian-American family doesn't welcome Zen, and Zen-s training requires a yearlong vow of celibacy. Between Ramesh's stern mother's disapproval, Zen's vow of celibacy, and her assistant's romantic troubles with a wild new witch, Zen wonders if she and Ramesh will ever see their wedding day.

Watch the book trailer on YouTube at

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