Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Review: Women in Lust ed. by Rachel Kramer Bussel

I don't love every single story in this collection, but there are a few VERY good ones. The opener, by Portia Da Costa(*), gives us Terrence, one of those yummy fictional boyfriends I like to imagine myself with. "Her, Him and Them" by Aimee Pearl is wonderful because it's pure erotica, all want and sensation.

"Smoke" by Elizabeth Coldwell is another nice entry - I don't know why Dutch people are so sexy, but they certainly are (even if you're not a big fan of their cigarettes).

Editor Rachel Kramer Bussel contributes "Hot for Teacher," in which she deftly appropriates what was once a male fantasy for a self-confident 40-something woman. In fact, many of the stories in this anthology feature women in their forties, women who know exactly what they want and how to get it. I'm in my 30s, and I found this delightful. Self-confidence is incredibly sexy.

I was thisclose to naming Rachel Kramer Bussel one of my Hanukkah hotties last year. We're both contributors to SexIs Magazine; this is HER and this is ME.

Another story that subverts the traditionally male fantasy is "Cherry Blossom" by Kayar Silkenvoice, which explores the intercultural (American-Japanese) fantasy and an all-woman version of the happy ending massage.

The closer is "Comfort Food" by Donna George Storey, which can only be described as pure and utter deliciousness.

It's wonderful to read about women in lust - women who are bold, free, shameless (in a good way), women who know how to reach satisfaction. It's nice to read a book full of heroines unburdened by guilt, with very few obstacles between them and their fondest desires.

If you look closely, you'll see that the cover model looks like Kat Dennings, who plays Max on Two Broke Girls. My husband declares that the sitcom "sucks," but ya know what? I like it, and I especially like Max.

(*) The last book I read by Portia Da Costa was "An Appointment With Her Master," a short BDSM erotica e-book. My review on Amazon runs thus, "I've always found Portia da Costa to be an erotica writer worth seeking out, and this book was no exception. It's perfectly imagined, completely sexy and it ends quite happily. I don't think anyone who enjoys erotica will be disappointed by it, and those who enjoy BDSM with a dominant male will be especially pleased. I generally prefer female-dom, but I really liked this. What else can I say about it, except that it was perfect? The only way it could have been better would be if it were slightly longer."

Disclosure: I received Women in Lust from the publisher at no cost. I can't remember how I received "An Appointment With Her Master," but I believe I downloaded the e-book at a time when it was offered free of cost on Amazon. This review represents my honest opinion of both books.

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