Wednesday, November 23, 2011 Presents a Highland Book Contest (and my dinner)

I must offer thanks (it is Thanksgiving Eve, after all) to another blog - About a month ago, I entered a contest on that blog to win lunch from Bob Evans. I won, and tonight I cashed in my gift voucher to share an early supper with Tit Elingtin at BE. I ordered the above deep-dish chicken noodle bowl, a carbohydrate paradise with homestyle noodles, mashed potatoes, turkey slices and chicken soup on top of a biscuit.

So good - like an Eastern European-style wedding feast in a single bowl. Naturally, there were leftovers.

FYI, I'm not sure if I'll be eating any of the traditional American Thanksgiving foods tomorrow or not. My cooking-averse family is gathering at our usual Sunday brunch place, but this will be our first time trying it for a holiday lunch. Or for lunch, period. I'm not sure if there will be a special menu or just lunch as usual. It'll be a surprise.

But tonight, thanks to, we had turkey on our way to Macy's to buy my mother's birthday present (a David & Young "Softer Than Cashmere" scarf and matching hat). Her 50-something birthday is Friday.

One of SaveySpender's current giveaways (through December 4) is a set of two Scottish Highland romance novels, Highland Hero by Amanda Scott and The Sinner by Margaret Mallory. Enter the contest here.

Don't forget, you can still enter the Pagan Spirits book contest to win Tao Song and Tao Dance. See the November 21 post for details.

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