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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Secret Spa Bath Treatment For the Home

Susan Norgren made her reputation as a psychic and a medium, channeling the spirits of the dead for the enlightenment of the living. Together with her co-author Harriette Schwartz, Norgren collected true stories of the “lost” making contact with the living in the book 'Lost Pallies: The Afterlife Has Found Its Voice and Now It Won’t Stop Talking!'

Though she communes with the spirits, Susan also has a down-to-earth, practical side.

In the book 'Secret Spa Bath Treatment For the Home,' Susan shares her expertise gained as a massage therapist and specialist in body treatments. Her credentials in this area are as impressive as her accomplishments as a psychic: she was the lead body treatment therapist at a La Quinta, California spa that serviced clients including Angelina Jolie, Catherine Zeta Jones, Paula Abdul and Michael Jordan.

'Secret Spa Bath Treatment For the Home' will teach you how to use essential oils to nurture body, mind and spirit. Different essential oils are recommended for each zodiac sign, and as a practical, earthy Taurus, I can tell you I love my recommendations of apple, cardamom, honeysuckle, lily, patchouli and rose.

The first part of the book deals with bathing. It explains the safe way to use essential oils, crystals and candles for the bath. Susan shares recipes for skin treatments, scented bubbles to nurture your inner child, a traditional medicine woman’s bath treatment to banish pain and more. The second half of the book moves on to other spa treatments to try at home, including honey as a method of hair removal and how to use essential oils to naturally repel mosquitoes. There’s a wealth of herbal knowledge in the back of the book.

“When I took a bath with just one of Susan's suggested ingredients, real peppermint, I felt incredible, overwhelming, peaceful energy,” says watercolor artist and illustrator Bonnie Beckeman. “I took a bath with peppermint from my garden and I haven't been the same since. So if you have peppermint growing wild near you, use it, and then you will buy the book!” Bonnie goes on to explain her inspiration for the cover of Susan’s book: “I have always been a shower person, so it was a stretch for me to try. In my painting on the cover of this book I tried to express positive energy going into the water and positive energy rhythmically flowing out in concentric rings to the universe and beyond.”

'Secret Spa Bath Treatment For the Home' is a beautiful book, soothing to read. Within its pages you will find a mixture of the mystic and the practical, the earthy and the airy. Susan originally titled her book 'Nurturing the Goddess Within,' but it will appeal to open-minded men as well as women. Whether you want smooth skin, de-stressing, focusing your energy on a deeply desired goal or relief for tired muscles, you’ll find something to help you in this book.

Go to the AG Press Bookstore to purchase this book, or to purchase Susan Norgren's Intuitive Tarot deck.

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